TOP Advice: A Framework for Sanitizing Social Media Discourse


In the era of digital communication, social media platforms have become an integral part of public discourse. However, the unmoderated nature of these platforms has led to a concerning trend: the proliferation of a name-calling culture. Instead of encouraging healthy discussions, this culture often derails meaningful dialogue into ad hominem attacks and insults. As a consequence, many individuals self-censor their opinions to avoid being targeted by such harmful behavior, resulting in a stark reduction of valuable ideas in the marketplace of public discourse.

To counteract these issues, we have designed a protocol known as “TOP advice”, aimed at enhancing the quality of arguments and fostering respectful interactions between different groups in the social media space.

The TOP Advice Protocol

TOP Advice stands for Thoughtful, Objective, and Professional advice, a framework for sanitizing and enhancing social media discussions. The process is as follows:

  1. Acquisition of Argument: The process starts when an individual identifies an argument they wish to refine and improve. This argument is typically a tweet, but the protocol can be applied to any form of online discussion.
  2. Textual Analysis: The next step involves a rigorous textual analysis of the argument. The aim is to identify any known fallacies or biases in the statement. We operate under the understanding that arguments laden with fallacies and biases do not represent the best version of the speaker’s stance.
  3. Generation of Alternative Argument: If the analysis reveals the presence of fallacies and biases, we proceed to craft an alternative version of the argument. The revision maintains the core stance of the original argument but removes any identified fallacies and biases.
  4. Neutral Presentation: The alternative argument is then presented neutrally, devoid of any defensive or offensive posturing. By focusing on the argument’s merits, it eliminates the need for spin or distortion, allowing the strongest arguments to be put forward effectively.

A “TOPPED” tweet is a direct response to the original tweet, presenting the refined argument and aiming to guide the discourse back onto a respectful and constructive track.


By employing the TOP advice protocol, we aim to foster healthier debates between different groups within the social media space. By refining arguments, removing fallacies, and neutralizing biases, we strengthen the discourse from all sides. In turn, this reduces the tendency for name-calling and ad hominem attacks, thereby reducing the need for self-censorship while upholding the true essence of the marketplace of ideas.