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Call a Topper

See a tweet that reeks of spin, biases and fallacies ? Then call for a Topper by replying to the offending tweet with @needstopping.

This cry-for-help will be promptly responded to by one of our volunteer Toppers who will analyze the tweet for biases and fallacies while also suggesting an improved version.

Be a Topper

Make a difference by becoming part of the legendary network of toppers.

To be a topper you need to meet the following requirements.

X / Twitter Account
Preferably an X Premium Account.

A standard account can be used but responses longer than 280 chars end up needing to be broken up into a reply thread.

However, regardless of the type of account, the #TOPPED Poster tool can be used to make life easier.

Access to ChatGPT
(or equivalent)
High powered A.I. to automate the analysis.

We have developed a custom GPT using GPT Builder, this assists us in producing standard outputs. (see it here).

Ideology Free
Ability to focus solely on biases and fallacies while preserving the original position of the argument (even if you disagree with it).

Your own views are important, important enough for their own separate reply. Please keep #TOPPED analysis ideology free.

Getting Started
Have you come across a tweet which you think might need #TOPPING?

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Reducing biases and fallacies in communication ensures a healthier exchange of ideas, fostering fair and informed discussions. In the marketplace of ideas, minimizing biases helps ensure the best ideas rise based on their merit, supporting truth and societal progress.

What we do

Our strategy is to provide an example of what a tweet might look like without the biases and fallacies – leaving bare the raw idea to stand on its own merit. Optionally we might then offer a detailed explanation of the changes that we made to clean up the message, providing links to our sources.

How it works

Someone sees a tweet that is in need of topping to draw out the flavor of the argument, they then reply to it with a call-out to @needstopping. One of our volunteer Toppers then finds it by searching for @needstopping tag and copies the tweet across to our custom pre-built ChatGPT prompt here. They then copy back the ChatGPT response and post the reply to the original tweet.

Why bother?

While enhancing individual tweets might not substantially shift any one persons perspective, we believe that such changes, cumulatively, can elevate the community’s overall standards of discourse. We hypothesize that for many, the allure of preserving a high social status often outweighs the commitment to truth. As a result, aligning with a prevailing narrative is often prioritized over refining or questioning it. Instead of directly challenging misleading beliefs, we suggest that tapping into an individual’s perception of their social status can inspire them to reevaluate and adjust their actions. Over time, this could lead them to see the shortcomings of the narratives they once championed.